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The Challenger is a great entertainment package!  It's portable and can be set up and ready for racing in 15 minutes.  The Challenger is a full size Sprint Car, complete with all the parts and the hugh tires- its whats inside thats cool.....surround sound with woofer under the seat provides realistic racing sound while player is racing the World Of Outlaws Sprint Car Game. Blacklights and Strobe lights also enhance the experience at night.  Player sits in a real Kirkey Sprint Car seat so the look and feel of really racing a sprint car on a dirt track is there....Where ever the Challenger goes- it's a hit! Attraction is the name of the game and this big big Sprint Car gets the attention!

 The Challenger is for hire in the Houston and surrounding areas - the cost is $100.00 per hour with a 3 hours minimum. So next time you have a big event and you want the public to stop by, give us a call and we will provide the fun! Also, I will come to your event free of charge and I charge $5.00 per ride to vistors- The Challenger only requires regular electricty plug and its ready to go!

The Challenger is made from 100% Sprint Car parts- every part on the car has been on the racetrack.

I collected these parts individually and put this car

together totally from scratch, dented and unwanted parts.

Please go to the last page of this site for event photos -

Thanks for dropping by - Deborah

or call or 936-232-0328


Come in, look at everything, stay as long as you like, when ya go, stop by the Guestbook Page and let us know you were here.